Sunday, December 16, 2012

We have come to the end

So when I started this class I was really nervous about trying to figure out all the things we would have to do. I was sure my grade would be a big fat F. I ended up enjoying and learning so much in this class that I used it to create my final presentation for an on-campus class. The slideshows, videos and animations were my favorite parts of the class. Although the out and about vlog was a nightmare. Doing it was easy. Getting it from where I had recorded to online where anyone could see it was another story. I was so happy when it was finally off the phone and on the internet. In the future I may use some of the things we learned here to redo my website. It will become a chronicle of my journey as I become a shaman. I already have some hidden pages within my website that I'll be opening up for viewing once our grades are posted for MM class.

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