Monday, November 26, 2012

The Long Tail

I was reading through some of my classmates blogs this week to see if I could find something that would help me figure out what to write on my own. The long tail stuff wasn't really making much sense to me. I was listening to it, reading it but my brain was thinking what on earth are they talking about??? Then the light bulb suddenly came on!

I realized I do use the long tail in my life. This weekend I'm working as an independent contractor running a diaper demo for a cloth diaper company. My diaper obsessions website plus my blogging about cloth diapering has a direct relation to being hired for this job. Without having used those things nobody outside my small little world would know I did demos or had the knowledge, experience etc to do them.

I'm also guilty of waiting until the price of something goes down before I buy it. One of my children wants an item for Christmas this year that cost several hundred dollars when it was the newest thing. She's getting it now that the price has fallen below $100.

P.S. Thank you Lynn for your blog post that gave me my light bulb moment!

Saturday, November 17, 2012


Making my own podcast this week just isn't going to happen. All it would accomplish is showing everyone all the things not to do during one. Between me being sick and sick children it would be a podcast of uncontrollable coughing, sneezing and crying. I was hoping to at least make a short one because I do enjoy listening to them. It's not meant to be though. I've listened to all the Podcasts on this website. It has free podcasts of Alison Armstrong talking about her relationship work. They are worth listening to if you have the time.

There is also a Podcast here I enjoy listening to from Marcey Hamm. Scroll down to the black box below the title Listen to Album Tracks. Within that box scroll down to the track titled Yin Yang to find my favorite one.

Anyhow real life is calling me back from the computer. My 5 year old woke up with her left eye swollen shut, saying it itches and hurts. It doesn't look like pink eye so I'm not sure what is wrong. Have to wait for 9am to call to see if I can get a Saturday appt with the pediatrician.