Friday, October 12, 2012

Wk 6

I agree with the first article that says the photo is so far off from the original that it's not copyright infringement. One article (the second one maybe) mentioned that even the photographer didn't recognize it as his photo. I also don't believe for one second that the AP would have cared at all or raised any kind of fuss had there been no money to be made. Another story said the use of the photo undermines the AP's ability to cover the news. I'm not sure that's true. Tshirts, buttons, posters etc are not going to keep them from covering the news. That's a bit of an exaggeration on their part.

There is also a lot of talk about plagiarism, not only in this class but all of my classes. I didn't realize it was that much of a problem. A couple of things I don't understand but follow the rules just because that's what I'm supposed to do. 1) With so many publications both online and in print there is bound to be someone somewhere who has had the same idea as you. Even if you have never heard of that person nor read their work would your idea be considered plagiarism simply because they thought the same thing then wrote it down at some point in time?


  1. Shannon,
    I like the point that you brought up about plagiarism. So many people have the same thoughts or ideas and certainly no one should take ownership just because they had it on paper before anyone else does. I believe that plagiarism comes into play when a person copies another persons writings, doesn't put things in their own words, and takes it as if it were their own. Lack of citations when we got our ideas from a source is plagiarism even if we put it into our own words. I guess it also shows that we have done our research and it makes our arguments more believable.

  2. That's a very tricky question, but one that has had to be argued over scientific discoveries as well. Often two different people are working in the same area & come up with almost the same discovery...who gets credit?"Copyright infringement, on the other hand, requires actual copying of the specific content. Not just the general idea." Got this quote from this article: