Friday, September 28, 2012

Week 4

Ok so I read the article from Creative Commons. It was clear as mud. Copyright laws make my head spin and my brain hurt. I understand the reasoning behind them but I'm not sure they work for much in the real world. If you put something on the internet you really do need to be prepared for the whole world to see it. If you only want it being seen by certain people or used in certain ways then you shouldn't put it online. That of course raises a dilemma because you won't get the exposure plus possible revenue if that's what you're after.


  1. exactly, w/o using the internet you're not getting exposure, so artists who want copyright of their original works do the research and reading and spend the time understanding it. CCommons is a whole lot easier to understand than ancient copyright law, so yay for that.

  2. Shannon, it can be confusing. But it is better, I think, to have some legal protection in case someone steals your work and tries to profit from your hard work and inspiration.